January 23rd, 2013


To continue its mission of sharing God’s love with youths, Young Life relies on the dedication of individuals like Jason Trochessett. When not acting as First Vice President of the Naples, Florida, branch of Merrill Lynch, Jason Trochessett actively supports not only Young Life but a variety of other Christian organizations.

Since its founding in 1941 by Jim Rayburn, Young Life has existed to connect with youth in an authentic way, to build relationships based on trust, and to foster meaningful fellowship in order to share God’s love. Young Life’s mission depends principally on its adult volunteers, who dedicate substantial amounts of time to meet kids on their level, earn their trust, and communicate through words and actions that each one of them is created and loved by God.

Young Life’s programs include Young Life club, a weekly gathering for high-energy fellowship along with a simple message about Jesus’s love; Campaigners, a more in-depth faith-sharing and study group that meets weekly; and summer camps.